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Website Performance Improvement

Your website conversion performance is what we measure and improve. For example, it can be difficult to understand what your goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be - let alone be brave enough to improve or test new outlooks on your website. This is often the case with non-transactional web sites. Therefore our goal is to deliver understanding of your visitor behaviour, whether transactional or not, and provide key insights to improve results.

We acheive this through the following three key services:

  • 1. Data Review - ensuring your reports are accurate and complete
  • 2. Education - training your team via workshops
  • 3. Improvement - measureable performance recommendations

1. Data Review - In order to improve, you must have confidence in what the data is telling you. Having solid, reliable metrics to build a hypothesis on is therefore a critical first step. We deploy best practice implementations of class leading tools to acheive this. These can include Google Analytics, Website Optimiser (A/B and multivariate testing) and qualitative feedback surveys to understand your web site's visitor experience. If you already have Google Analytics, our review verifies the install and configuration.

2. Education - We provide one-to-one workshop style training in both metrics understanding and search marketing. This allows us to work in partnership - interpreting reports together in order to facilitate business decisions and help glean relevant insights.

3. Improvement - This is where the greatest value lies. Our analysis can reveal poor performing pages and expose opportunites for you. Sometimes recommended changes can be subtle to the eye, yet have a significant impact on your bottom line. For example, what you sometimes think is obvious can be confusing to your visitors. To quantify significant, we often see increases in conversions (sales or lead generation) of 100-400% where the "funnel" process has been optimised.

In summary, you remain in charge of your client's experience and meeting their needs in order to sell services and maintain long term satisfied relationships. What we provide are insights for you - interpreting data, understanding visitor acquisition and their resulting intent, then optimising these for improved performance and retention. Read about our approach.